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Question about NB All Grain Kits

Do the grains come pre mixed in one bag or are they in separate bags?

The grain in my kits from N.B. are milled and in one bag. If you order seperate grains from them I heard they will bag each one for you.

Thanks for the info!

I was hoping they were separate so I could do a partial batch, but I’m sure I can work something out.

As long as the malts are all well blended, partial batch shouldn’t be any problem, just take as much as you need of the mix.

I would call and ask for the grains to be bagged separately as you are making a 2.5 gallon batch. You could also put it in the “note/special instructions” section of the order form.

Note that the recipe is available on NB’s site for nearly all of their kits. This would enable you to buy the ingredients separately if you want to scale the recipe for your system or for a different batch size.

Go to the kit page, then click the “Additional Information” tab.

Thanks kc, I see that tab there now.

Just for future information it is not possible to get the grains packaged separately. I am guessing that the kits are already put together, so it makes sense that getting them individually packaged is probably a lot of work for the NB folks. That will make this an even better learning experience I imagine. I can play around with Beersmith to get my recipe scaled and go from there.


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