Question about my Tettnang hop plants

I have 8 varieties of hops in my garden. Five from last year, 3 are new this year. My Tettnang are in their second year. Never produced a cone last year. Never made it past 4 feet. This year, the Tettnang plants started just as strong as the other 4 varieties in their 2nd year but started lagging behind. While Nugget and Amalia are easily already over 15 feet tall and Goldings and Williamette are at least 10 feet, my highest Tettnang bines might be 7 feet at most. The leaves are nice and green, so I don’t think they’re lacking in anything. Then today, I go out there and find that the Tettnang are already flowering! Wow, is this a very early variety? The other varieties are only just thinking of throwing side arms. Is the variety usually smaller than other varieties? The leaves look smaller than the other varieties too. Thanks.

Here’s some info on your variety:

Thanks for the link. Good information! I just noticed my Goldings are flowering too which apparently is another early low yield variety. BTW, if you all have the opportunity to get some Amalia rhizomes, I would highly recommend it. Amazing hop flavor and aroma. I made an apple ale last fall with 1oz of Nuggest 60min, 1oz Amalia at 15min and 1oz Amalia at FO. Man, that is a nice flavor, especially with the apple cider aspect of that beer.