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Question about low final gravity

So I brewed up the new American Rye extract kit (5 gallons) and loved the whole brewing process and loved the aroma. Having an early-onset senior moment, I forgot to thoroughly swirl up the wort/chilled water mixture before taking my OG reading — my BRIX reading came in super low around 4, which is WAY off by like 6 BRIX. So right off the bat I flubbed up my reading.

The fermentation process seemed off the hook, with a ton of blow-off into my overflow container, and after about a week and a half of fermentation it’s finally slowed down and had a BRIX reading of 5 (right away that tells me that I was basically measuring sweet water at the beginning).

If I take NB’s assumed OG value off the box and then calculate that against my current reading, that puts my brew at under 3.0% ABV. So my question is this: assuming that my estimations are correct, would adding candied sugar help in boosting up the ABV to a drinkable beer or am I basically going to end up with beer-flavored water with a higher ABV from adding the candied sugar?

I followed the instructions to the letter and added my water up to the 5-gallon mark — I just can’t see how I could have possibly overshot this one. The color looks fine[/url] to me and in the carboy had a [url=]deep dark amber color
, and the aroma seems on.

Would adding candied sugar help at all if I think the ABV is a bit low?

Are you using a hydrometer or a refractometer to measure brix?


With an OG of 1.042 and a final RI of 5.0°Bx, the estimated FG is ~1.009. ... g-results/

When using a refractometer to measure final gravity you need to use a correction chart. The alcohol in the sample causes the refractometer to misread.

Here is an online correction tool, although they are sometimes off by as much as 0.005 when calculating the FG.

BTW punching in your numbers gets a result of 4.56% ABV

Thanks all. Yeah, I tried a different calculator online and I also got a number around 4.5% ABV, so I may be OK. The other calculator I was using must not have had the correction value or something.

I appreciate the input/feedback.

And 3% beer can still be quite flavorful. Don’t hate the session beer.

No hate here, but just would be surprised to have such a low ABV.

+100! though I tend to make my beer strong, I do love to have some session on hand.

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