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Hello I have a question about using Lactobacillus Brevis for kettle souring? What temp does it sour at, how long does it take to sour…

"Kettle souring is a technique that allows brewers to rapidly sour unfermented wort in just a matter of days, often taking only a mere 24 hours. It could not be more simple - after creating wort and conducting a brief boil for sanitation, the wort is cooled to 75 - 95 degrees F (24 - 35 C) and a cultured strain (or blend of strains) of pure lactobacillus is introduced. Once introduced, the lactobacillus will go to work and begin consuming sugars in the wort transforming them into lactic acid, providing the tart flavor we know and love. Given some time, usually 1 to 3 days, the souring will be complete.

How do you know when it is done? Well, if you are the sciency type, bust out your pH meter and test the wort. For a subtle sourness, target a pH in the mid to upper 3s or if you want that awesome lip-puckering sourness, shoot for a pH in the lower 3s. Don’t have a pH meter? No worries, simply draw a small sample of the wort with a sanitized utensil and taste. When the wort has the desired sourness you can move on to the next step - boiling."

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