Question about kegging equipment/items

Can someone please tell me the difference in these (2) items?

And with the first one what is the point of the larger (5) gallon corny keg?

As I understand it, the first link is a setup to transfer from a 5 gallon keg to this mini-keg with all the appropriate connections to make it work. The second link is a setup to use the mini-keg as a draft system so it comes with a tap for dispensing. In the first link, the 5 gallon keg is an option in case you don’t have one, but you wouldn’t be able to carb a full 5 gal batch of beer with one of those mini CO2 cartridges. Honestly, if I was looking at something like that, I would use something like This before I’d use a faucet on a mini-keg.


I have a couple of those cannonballs and I always use picnic taps on them. I’ve been thinking about doing a transfer at times. I think a valved quick connect setup would be handy.

I can tell you has kegs on sale and you can get a 5 gal keg and regulator cheaper than either of those.

I took me a second to figure out in the first link that the 5 gallon keg is not included. If you are looking to have a small portable get and already have a keg setup then the cannonball might be a good idea. If you are just starting to keg and brew 5 gallons I would not even consider it yet. The little BB gun size CO2 cartridges won’t go far, can’t reasonably be used to force carbonate and are expensive.

If you are just starting out you might want to check Craigslist or Marketplace and look for used tap equipment and soda kegs. Clean the kegs with PBW and replace the O rings and gasket then you will have a homebrew draft system at a bargain price. Might not look so shiny but what is inside is what counts. Post here what you come up with and we can help with the build.

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I currently have a kegerator setup at home, I like the idea of the cannonball keg for travel, camping, etc. I just wasn’t sure what to get.

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I was mainly confused about the price differences…

It looks like the tubing, regulator, and small cannon ball keg on the first link is $160

The second link has the cannon ball keg, regulator, and tap for $209

Hence my confusion…

I don’t believe the first one includes the cannon ball keg; the picture on the left does not show one included. Bob has 2 1/2 gal kegs for $75. They also have regs and line cheaper than NB.

The second link is more expensive because you are getting a serving faucet and the connector to a 1/4” flared ball lock fitting. They call it the snap tap beer faucet.

I have an adapter that works the same way the “snap tap” does. It just connects the 1/4’ thread on a QD to a tap. To be honest the pour angle is weird and it pours foamy. I would go for an old fashion picnic tap.