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Question about Cryo Hops?

Hello I been looking into these Cryo Hops. I know they are best used for whirlpool an dry hopping. But I am wondering if these Cryo Hops can be used as a dry hop in the keg or will the Cryo Hops cause problems dry hopping in the keg. Basically what the best method for dry hopping with Cryo Hops?

I used them for dry hopping in the keg on a NEIPA. I put them in a weighted dry hopping filter. Worked very well.

Check out Beersmith… Just had a podcast with Mitch Steele and talked about this … Sneezles61

I wonder if they will help glitter to stay in suspension. :grin:

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Use pixie dust, it doesn’t have that problem. :laughing:

You absolutely can use them as dry hops in the keg. I’ve got 3 kegs on tap right now with them. I first tossed them in loose, but they clogged the dip tube. Now I put them in a bag, like with any other type of dry hops.

Weighted Denny? Sneezles61


What’s the theory behind weighted or not weighted? I think the first time I did it I did not weight the bag, then after that I did but mainly because it seemed most people do.

Would be a good experiment I guess to see if it makes a difference throughout the whole keg consumption.

I weighted them as I’ve found several times the filter floating on top, not submerging the entire lot of hops. This resulted in hops that remained dry or dry pockets within the hops (think dough balls in the mash).

My theory… I’ve had very good results with weighted “cones”. It does filter my brew, AND as a side benefit, after the keg kicks, there is a bit of"hop juice" left behind that you can push into a glass that doesn’t have a equal… Pellets I’ve done a few times and get good usage, not the filtering quality… Never played with dust, not back then, not now… :sunglasses: Sneezles61

I’ve found that once the beer gets cold, the bag sinks on its own.

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That is what I’ve found, at least with pellets.
My most recent DIPA ended up with some hop “floaties” from keg hopping. I’ll have to see what happened, presumably the bag has somehow opened up. Still tastes great :slight_smile:

@denny not to hijack the thread, but I was thinking about this whole low/no oxygen thing and controversies about even oxygenating prior to pitching and wondered if you still use the MixStir to oxygenate? ( I still do)

I don’t, but not becasue of low oxygen. I’ve found that pumping the wort to the fermenter provides me with a bit of aeration and that’s all I need. In addition, I pitch a large amount of healthy yeast, which greatly reduces the need for cell growth and therefore oxygen. Finally, I always use yeast nutrient.

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But if your paying attention to your mash, and pH, then you have enough FAN to compensate for using yeast nutrient… I’m confused… Sneezles61

Maybe…I’m not convinced it’s the same. And nutrient is an easy, inexpensive insurance policy.

Do we get to an over saturation point using a nutrient? You know how its so easy to, “heck if a teaspoon works, lets use a cup and really make it work!” I did try some nutrient some time ago… I couldn’t tell what difference it made… But, then, I’m not always so attentive/brightest bulb on the tree… :disappointed: Sneezles61


You are my favorite bulb :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t. I use exactly the amount recommended and I can tell by the results that at the very least it isn’t detrimental. As to how beneficial it is, all I can say is that I get great yeast performance in continued generations. Given how easy and inexpensive it is to use, that’s all I need.

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