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Question about bottling my lambic

ok so I have a lambic that has been sitting around for about 2 years now and its time to bottle. Do I just bottle the same way as all of the other beers? Or is there a different process. I have seen a couple things about using less priming sugar and adding new yeast? If so what kind of yeast am I adding? Any help would be great!

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Adding some fresh yeast after two years would help ensure carbonation - it’ll take a while for souring bugs to carb on their own. Add a half-packet of US-05 or similar and the regular amount of priming sugar for the desired volumes of CO2.

wouldn’t he run into a pH issue w/ SO5? We are using champagne yeast for our 1.5yo Flanders for a bottle referment. As Shade notes, if you do not reyeast, Brett will likely be the dominant organism in the beer, and refermentation can take a bit longer with that, and it will also likely go through an undrinkable phase.

You wash yeast for reuse at a lower pH than you find in sour beers.

thank you for the replies, I think il try the US-05 method and see how it goes.

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