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QD Covers, Label/color Code your kegerator lines

I designed some caps that snap onto the top of the the ball lock connectors. Makes it easy to see which beer lines go to which tap, or which gas line is for serving or force carbing.

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Looks good. What material are the covers made from?

I used PLA, but PETG or ABS would also work. Wish I had a more accurate printer though…

Printer? You made those wtih a 3D printer?! COOL!!

That’s really cool!!! Bravo my friend.

That is cool! Beat my blue painters tape for left tap, nothing for center tap, and duct tape for right tap. I wrapped it around the beer line.

Great idea. Now I just need to add a 3D printer to my brewing equipment. :slight_smile:

You know what they say, The only difference between men an boys is the price of their toys.

There’s actually a lot of places now that will do prints for you. I bet pretty soon, you’ll be able to go to Kinkos. Thingiverse can even find mail-order places, although I have no idea how good any of them are or what they cost.

but yea, the printers aren’t for everyone.

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