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Pumpkin beer question?

Hello I have a question about how would one add little more pumpkin spice to a pumpkin beer that a little under spiced I made a tincture with some pumpkin spice but I don’t think it’s turning out right because it like slime. So what should I do?

That would be the cinnamon. Not sure why, but it tends to turn into a gelatinous goo when soaked in alcohol. The tincture might be ok, or you could try again without the cinnamon, and maybe add a stick directly to the fermenting wort. Or steep some in some hot water to make a tea, and add it back to taste.

See if you add a stick of cinamon. See if this works.

Nutmeg can help too. I wonder if using clear rum had anything to do with your tincture? My gut says no, but I can’t say for certain.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and no more than 1 clove per gallon. If you are making a tincture I typically let it sit 3 or more weeks, giving the jar a little shake every now and again.

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