pumpkin ale

i have a smashing pumpkin ale kit and am adding 3 lbs. Rahr 6 row and approx. 8lbs of acorn squash, my question is the recipe calls for using these in a mash, other recipes i see use the pumpkin in the actual boil of the wort, which method would give me the best result? :?:

Use the pumpkin in the mash. You’ll have a ton of volume loss if used in the boil, unless you up your boil volume a lot. The pumpkin won’t add much outside of color. Make sure you have spices to add to the boil. Cinnamon, allspice, clove, ginger, nutmeg.

+1 to above reply.

I added mine to the wort and loast at least a gallon and a half when I transfered.

I recommend you put it in a bag and dunk it during the mash

i have all the spices except allspice, how much of each do i use approx. ? and am doing acorn squash du to pumpkin being out of season , using grain bags (2) with with grain and squash meat mixed together at around 154 for 1 hr. doing this recipe as a partial mash as it is an extract kit. thanx for all the input. :cheers:

Could you use canned pumpkin puree for the kit? Plan on brewing it this fall.

Depends on your tastes. The first pumpkin I ever made had 3tbsp of the spice mixture (ground to a powder). I thought it was WAY too much. Other people loved it. This year, I only added 2tsp of spice mixture and I liked it. It’s better to use less than you think you need. You can always add more later.

Sure. I’ve used both canned and fresh. Couldn’t tell the difference. I prefer to use organic whenever possible.

Looks like canned organic it is then. Thanks.

when using pumpkins, would it be necessary to do a beta-glucan rest?

I need to learn more about pumpkins. I had to learn more about rye to succeed at rye beer.