Pumpkin ale recipe

Ok, every once in a while, a blind squirrel finds an acorn :wink:

After multiple days of research/forays over weeks onto various websites I distilled the following recipe which I believe is a riotously good pumpkin ale. I believe I should share…I have always had a soft spot for pumpkin ales but the pickings have been slim this year IMHO. Even versions I liked in the past seemed to be off this year, bordering on drinking after shave!! No wonder a lot of people don’t like pumpkin ales!! This one is sublime, fellow home brewers are telling me they could drink this every day(high praise for pumpkin ales) and you could still finish it by the end of Fall, December 21 st.

Don’t fear the REAPER pumpkin ale:

5.0 gallons

Pumpkin:3 cans of 15 oz organic pumpkin.
Brown sugar: .3 lb

Rahr 2 row pale malt 8 lb
Munich malt 6.0 L* 2 lb
Victory malt 28.0L* 0.75 lb
Aromatic malt 20.74 L* 0.5 lb
Torrified wheat 1.74L* 0.75 lb

US 05 2 pckgs

Cluster 7%AA 1 oz

Pumpkin Spices:
Added last 20 minutes of boil
1t cinnamon
0.5 t allspice
0.5 t ground ginger
0.5 t nutmeg
0.25 t ground cloves

All grain BIAB but easily convertible to MTLT all grain.
Pour pumpkin into Pyrex dish, sprinkle with brown sugar and bake at 350* for 30-40 minutes.
Add to mash( those who say you don’t need pumpkin are sorely and sadly mistaken…)
Dough in at 162*
Sacch rest 156*
Mash out 170* x 10 minutes.
90 minute boil
OG 1.072
FG 1.015
OMG…this is awesome. Restrained spicing with pumpkin color and mouthfeel prominent…balanced…

Give this a shot and let me know if you agree :cheers: