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Pump to move from Fermenter through filter to keg

Anyone out there doing a process like this? I’m preping to purchase a large conical fermenter that is rather low to the ground so I won’t be able to use gravity.

So, two birds, one stone. Looking for a low pressure pump solution to move out of fermenter through two stage filter into the Keg.

Thoughts, comments

J. Burmeister

Peristaltic doesn’t aerate, or so I’ve been told. Might be easier to build legs for the fermenter.

I would look into using a C02 system to push it through rather than pump it

my 2 cents

a blichman conical can be pressurized up to about 3psi.

Nice call on pressurizing the fermenter. Never thought of that, goal was to hit around the 3psi level as well.

J. Burmeister

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