Proximity malt

Any one try this malt company out yet? Sneezles61

never heard of it but the DE malthouse isn’t far up the road from us. Requested their “tasting samples”. Doesn’t really look like their website is set up for consumer sales.

I see their headquarters is in Milwaukee… I keep hearing them on master brewers podcast… Thought I’d give them a look… I’m not sure just how much a difference they’d make… Sneezles61

I’m pretty happy with Briess and avangard for my euro malts. I’d definitely try another US based malthouse but only if it’s easier/cheaper or some other benefit. I get my grains from my LHBS and it’s pretty painless except for the occasional Mon or Tues I want something and they’re closed.


Me order bulk grain. From bsg they are in north carolina. Small orders. Use our host