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Props to NB!

Ordered the Scottish 70 and the Imperial Stout for my 3rd and 4th brews. I also ordered a Wyeast 1728 (Scottish Ale) as my first experience with liquid yeast. Unfortunately the yeast was cooked during shipping and arrived dead. I tried to pitch anyways (I didn’t realize all the yeast had died) and got no signs of fermentation.

Contacted NB (Gabe) and he sent me out a new 1728, with expedited shipping and extra ice packs at no charge. This yeast arrived alive (the pack really swelled up) and I pitched a little while ago.

While Brewing TV got me into trying to brew my own and got me started with NB, it’s customer service like this that has made me a customer for life.

Thanks Gabe and Northern Brewer.

+1 on the customer service. They’ve alway been fantastic. I rarely order supplies anywhere else.

I am fortunate to have a few choices for supplies near by, but I get everything from NB. Good products, knowledgeable and helpful people, and I always enjoy stopping in.

for sure. I’ve always had top notch service when visiting the MPLS store.

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