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Proper way to roast malt

I’m going to make a nut brown ale and I wanted to roast about 3 lb of Maris Otter. I was thinking maybe 300 degrees for 30 minutes. When the roasting is done, how long should I let it sit before Milling? Also, with the Malt being roasted, do I need to compensate for the roasting process with any additional grain?


You’ll need to swizzle it around as it roasts’… I wouldn’t try roasting as much as browning the malt… You wouldn’t want to “burn” the sugar for a nut brown… Take a kernel out to sample as you go through your darkening process. Sneezles61

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Anyone try doing it in an air popper?

Novel idea and man, I bet that would smell fantastic!

Its like, he was having a magical moment! ahhh , how a brew can unlock the brain! Sneezles61

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Anyone try soaking their grains in anything besides water prior to roasting? There are a lot of fluids out there someone must have.

I’ll bet it would work people roast coffee beans in them. You would have to judge by color and smell.

I did a “single malt” scotch ale once by starting with golden promise, and making my own pseudo crystal malt, roasted barley, and oak smoked malt.

I used a toaster oven and a cookie sheet, and it worked quite well. The pseudo crystal malt smelled wonderful, but once I got to the roasted malt, it smelled similar to roasting coffee beans or burnt popcorn. I cold smoked with oak over night for the smoked malt. I bagged mine and let them rest for about a week before I brewed with them – you may want to give it two weeks.

I wish I could remember what temps and times I used, but I remember referencing some online sources for that info. Try searching home roasting or toasting malt to get a few sources. It was one of the best beers I’ve ever brewed, but I’m too lazy to try and replicate it.

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I was going to ask you why you didn’t do it again. But you answered my question :relaxed:


Are you roasting coffee in an air popper @brew_cat ? I read people use them for that but the poppers burn out after a while.

Does anybody think I should lower the temperature to say 270 degrees? And maybe 30 minutes? I don’t want to burn the sugars but I just want to make sure I get that roasted smell. By the way, I read from John Palmer’s book that the minimum time to let the grain rest after roasting is 2 weeks

I found the website I referenced:

I haven’t yet but I have researched it. Alot of people do it. I may try some malt though.

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