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Proper Starter help

Hi, apologies as these seem like dumb questions!
Looking to use some proper starter for my kit this week,

  1. Is the liquid volume from the can (and water I add to it) in addition to the 5 gallons I’ll be brewing or should I adjust down so I end up with 5 gallons in my fermenter once everything is in?
  2. I don’t have a flask or electric and stir plate, will an old clean plastic bottle suffice? Any other recommendations?

Thank you!

Assuming by can you are referring to fast pitch? An old clean plastic bottle should work just fine, just make sure to clean thoroughly and sanitize it first. Whenever you walk by it once you’ve pitched your yeast, give it a swirl, don’t need to have a stir plate. You can dump the entire volume of your starter in your beer if you’d like, or you can cold crash it a bit and decant the liquid off the top if you’re concerned about it. Leave enough wort on top to swirl the yeast back into suspension and let it warm up to room temp again, then pitch that. I wouldn’t worry about adjusting your target starting volume for the yeast pitch personally. I’ve taken to increasing my starting volume to get enough wort to use as a starter for 6-8 hours and then just pitch the whole thing in when it’s ready.


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I pitch the whole thing as well unless I’m going to save some to make another starter.
I like the shake like hell until the whole bottle is a frothy mess with the yeast in there method.

I’m with Rad, brew your 5+ gallon batch… And dump the yeast and starter, all into the fermenter… You are going to have some volume loss due to spent yeast and other trub…
Once you have your yeast starter in the jug you plan to use… Shake the living bejesus in yo it… You want it very foamy (O2 saturated) then add your yeast…

Apparently @squeegeethree recommends the Shake it. . .shake it REAL GOOD!! method for a starter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That ethos is something I’ve always carried with me. Doesn’t work for finished beer though.

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