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Propane tank question?

Here soon I will be brewing my next batch and since it will be in December I’m assuming it will be cold. My las brew I did a few weeks ago it was probably in the upper thirties and my boil did not seem to be as vigorous as I’d like. I also missed my volume a bit due to less boil off than expected. The tank was a little low but not empty. I did notice at one point when the tank was shaken the flame did better. I noticed this when I picked up the tank to see about how much was left, but it didn’t feel safe to shake a pressurized fuel cylinder.

I was wondering if there is way to keep the tank warm so that this doesn’t affect the gas pressure as badly?

Could it be that the tank should be full?

I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to brew in the winter save once last year and I haven’t seen this before.

Sounds to me like you were just getting super low. I brew quite a bit below 30F without any issues. Could also be a reg or burner issue.
BTW you don’t want to shake the tank while in use. It can stir up debri in the tank and you can ruin your regulator.

When I was wiring my new garage I used a propane torpedo heater for some warmth. January minus 28 - 36 F. I noticed frost on the lower third of the tank the second day and the heater was sputtering occasionaly. I moved the tank nearer to heat stream from the heater. Frost disappeared, heater stopped sputtering. Cold temperatures reduce pressures in propane tanks causing irregular burn rates. A full atank will maintain pressure until it is a partially full tank. Refilling a partially empty tank is a pain. Heat the tank.

you can sit it in a tub of warm water, i have to do the same with my 30 lb of freon when i’m charging air cond systems on cars.

The link provides a technical explanation in the fourth paragraph, I had this happen when I changed to th KAB4 banjo burner having a higher demand for fuel. I put the tank in a tub with a few gallons of water and never lose my flame output. Many times there is ice on the bottom of the tank when I pull it out after 60-90 minute boil. I usually start my brew session with a tank at least half full then put the tanks with less on the gas grill for cooking. ... facts.html

Guess my tank stays warm enough being stored in my garage to not give me problems.

If you have an extra tank (or two, which is always a good idea) you can swap them back and forth, letting one warm up while the other runs the burner. I also relegate near empty tanks to the grill.

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