Propane and Propane Accessories


Does anyone have any experience with:

High pressure (


Low pressure burners ( … r/p/75679/)?

I guess there could be a gas savings here, but I am wondering if that comes at a time cost. Meaning the high pressure can go up to 175,000 btu’s vs 60,000 btu’s for the low pressure.

Does this mean getting liquid to a boil will take substantial longer with the low pressure vs high pressure?

Comments? Experiences?

Happy Friday!

Nobody Really?

I’m no gas expert but I’m pretty sure that those are 2 totally different burners in terms of gas being used. High pressure is the type used when you hook a propane tank to it and low pressure is natural gas or low pressure propane from a residence.

I have a low pressure burner under my HLT…. don’t need to hit boiling…… And high pressure under my BK…… I don’t weigh my tank to determine how much propane I use, yet seems back when I built my sculpture, our host had both of these for sale and commented on how much each used and the time it took to get to boiling… 10 years ago… Knowing that I am content with the way I’m set up…. I would do this again ifn I was to build… Sneezles61 :cheers: