Propagating Sour Dregs

Sours are new territory for me. What’s the best way to propagate bugs from dregs? Normal starter?

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From what beer are the dregs from? Some sours contain only bugs while others contain both yeast and bugs (beware some are pasteurized and contain nothing but perhaps bottling yeast!). Chances are you’ll want to start very small 100 - 200 ml and work up from there.

An excellent reference is this posting and comments from the Mad Fermentationist. ... dregs.html

That’s a great resource. I’ve referenced it recently and I know my bottles contain bugs.

I’m looking for advice on propagation process. By “normal starter,” I meant do we use the same process for bacteria that we use for yeast? I read recently that Brett requires more growth time than Saccharomyces does. In what other ways are bacteria and Brett different from Saccharomyces in terms of propagation process? I assume a stir plate is still a good idea, but is it really? I assume stepping up starter size applies here too, but does it?

small steps start with low gravity wort 1.025 or so, slowly step up over a few times increasing amount and gravity but dont go over 1.040 or so