Project 12

Got this stuff today at the distributor I work at, Just putting it out there for some guys to check out. It is pretty cool and the beers arent half bad.

I wonder if they bothered to get any consumer feedback on the choice of the beers in the series…

And if you got to the end of the article, there’s a mention that Budweiser is krausened for “natural carbonation” which I find surprising - do they really choose to add the extra time needed for priming and carbing versus just force-carbing?

I find it interesting the kraeusening is put in quotations when it’s mentioned. But yeah reading up on that, that seems surprising for a brewery that big.

Um, it’s a bit of a stretch to call 10K people at a festival a “focus group.” Nonetheless, I’m a little intrigued and would be happy to try these if I could try a glass on tap. Definitely not willing to spring for a 12 pack.