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Processing sweet corn for freezing

Was harvesting sweet corn yesterday and prepping for vacuum sealing and freezing. Blanched the ears for 9 minutes, let dry, and then sealed four cobs to a bag. Had a few ears of corn in the freezer last winter. Wife liked it so much she requested two ears for herself per meal instead of the typical one. So far 16 bags in the freezer.

We found the best way to warm the ears of corn was in the oven. Let the ears thaw in the bag. Warm in a 250°F oven on a rack until the internal temperature of the cob reached 90°F.

Didn’t know you could do that. Do they stay crisp?

I’m not sure that I’ve seen a recommendation to blanch for that long before freezing. We typically just go for 2-3 minutes, and then plunge them into ice water. How does it hold up over the winter?

We’ll be awaiting the dinner bell to ring, in the middle of winter! Sneezles61

The blanching time is middle of the road from recommendations of the national preservation center. They have times for small, medium, and large ears. No length or diameter attached for the sizes. Kernels are crisp and juicy after warming dry.

Edit: and still sweet.

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I wouldn’t mind some people dropping in for dinner. Probably have smoked St Louis style ribs with the corn. Could hook up two campers to electric. Depending on timing friends from Georgia could be using downstairs bedrooms.

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We’d just do an eat and beat feet! :yum: Sneezles61

Long drive here and long drive home. I wouldn’t give you your keys back after a few home brews or a few more home brews.


Finished getting the corn ready for the freezer yesterday. What’s left in the garden will be for fresh eating. Will have some corn to give away this winter instead of just beer. Total of 32 packages of corn with four ears each.

Next Concord grape jelly.

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A couple of ears of corn, bathed in butter, some pepper, an ice cold brew to help rinse it down… I’m envious! Sneezles61

What about…a few more :grinning:

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