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Problem with the Govener Dual Body Regulator

My wife had purchased a dual body regulator for me as a present from northern brewer. This was, what I thought, a good regulator. However, since then I have experienced these issues:

The regulator does not pressure up the keg in a timely manner. I see it to serving pressure of 3 - 5 psi and it will take like an hour to pressure the keg up to that 3 - 5 psi pressure. Same is when I am force carbonating I will set it anywhere from 10 - 20psi and again it will take around an hour to pressure to come up. Now when force carbonating I am not too worried since it takes a few days to carb up. However, when I am serving what will happen is that when multiple guests get one beer after another the pressure in the keg will drop below 3 - 5 psi and the regulator will not keep up since it takes AN HOUR TO PRESSURE BACKUP!!! I have to fiddle with turning the regulator up to like 20PSI!!! To get any sort of pressure quickly back into the keg and then it will be too much because I am MANUALY regulating the pressure and then I will get nothing but foam out of the keg. Then I have to let the pressure off, but not too much otherwise I have to repeat this process, to get back to my 3 - 5psi setting until multiple pours and the pressure drops again. This is so frustrating since I have a cheap screw based single body regulator the kicks the crap out of this $150.00 regulator.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way this regulator works?

Call NB and talk to someone about this. Must have an obstruction causing the restriction in the assembly. Sneezles61

Weird me got the same regulator no problems. When i do force carbonation i do slow in crease pressure. Untill i reach 20 psi. .must say if you increase to fast the needle of the gauge goes crazy. So gentele in crease wait and again untill 20psi

I set it to twelve psi and leave it. Setting it for 3psi my beer would go flat.Sounds more like a balance issue

Yeah, there’s got to be something restricting the outflow. There’s no reasonable answer for why you can’t pressurize in under 60 seconds.

Does the high-side pressure stay constant according to the gauge?

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