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Pro mash windows7 help

I really need some help on this issue. I cannot get pro mash to install on computer. The computer is 64 bit windows 7 premium. I have Beersmith on here and it works but now is not displaying the actual recipe. I want promash on here and am having a hell of time doing it. Searched the net and elsewhere.


Man, don’t know what to say. I use the same OS and Promash installed normally.

Denny is yours on a 3.5 floppy? Thats what I have but am using A external drive. Its not auto loading what file would load it?

Nope, mine was from a download…sorry.

Sorry to ask so many questions…
Was it from Promash itself?

[quote=“kbat”]Sorry to ask so many questions…
Was it from Promash itself?[/quote]

Yep. Did you get a download link when you purchased it?

What’s that?? :shock:

well ive got these 3 disks… old skool style. Square lookin things…maybe i should let the moths out and just buy an updated version…but then again I LOve tO HoMEBREW!!

thanx for all the input.

the last computer I had with 3.5 floppies was a Win98 machine.

I guessing the program (this version) is not compatible with Win7

I doubt it. I don’t think Jeff has made any changes since before Win7 came out. I know I use a version that’s at least several years old with Win7 and have no problems.

The version I use is at least 7 years old. It loaded fine, but that was from a CD. If you have a floppy drive that works, maybe try copying all the files into one directory on your PC then install from there? Or maybe burn the files to a CD?

I know Jeff is working on a new version. I’ve seen some screen shots over on the ProMash forum. You could head over to that forum, they might have more answers. If nothing else shoot him an email and see if he has any suggestions.

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