Printing (paint) labels directly on the bottle

I have a number of 22 oz. bottles that I would like to relabel, but the labeling was printed (painted?) directly onto the bottle. I am going to reuse these regardless, but figured a clean bottle to relabel would look a little sharper.

Any suggestions on how to remove this?

Rouge bottles?

Not going to be able to remove the paint.

Maybe sand blast them?

Sandblasting would weaken the bottles and make bottle bombs at regular pressure, if your really set to reuse the bottles the best way will be to use a razor blade window scraper to clean the bottles. The blades will not damage the glass but it will be a slow processed. Cheers

oven cleaner,

leaving starsan overnight works on some paint

You can try undiluted starsan on the paint, that has worked for me before, as well as undiluted CLR overnight

Sounds like way to much work to me. I have a few 22’s with a little mold in them. The recycle tub is looking attractive rather than 10 seconds of a scrub brush.

Find a brewery that puts paper labels on their 22’s and buy them to drink or ask your local beer bar to save some.

Trader Joe’s recently had some bombers of relatively tasty beer with labels that came off painlessly. I need to make a point of picking up some more of those…

I have a stash of those, and I painted over the whole bottle like “Delirium” bottles.

Nice idea!!
I took a safety razor, holding the razor on an angel, I scrapped off everything I wanted to lose.


Overnight soak in either star-san or PBW may do the trick. I had some misc bottles with the paint on labels, and after a soak, it wiped right off with a rag.

Yes I have a good amount of Rogue bottles. I will give the razor blade a shot. I tried PBW and that took some time before some of the paint even began to come off.

Thanks all. :cheers:

Sounds nasty, but you’re gonna’ clean them anyhow…Wrap a paper towel around them, and dampen it with some fresh brake fluid.

I’ve screwed up many a paint job with spilled brake fluid! :shock:

+1 for the brake fluid. Works a champ and it’s cheap… but messy. Doesn’t quite wipe away in my experience but scrapes away Rogue paint with a fingernail.

I have heard that CLR works well… Been meaning to try it on a few painted bottles i got laying around…Tank