Priming sugar question

I got the Irish Red Ale kit and this came with the priming sugar. On the sugar package it says

Priming Sugar 5oz.

On the recipe it says "depending on which type of sugar you will use
-Corn sugar (dextrose) 2/3 cup in 16 oz water
-Table sugar (sucrose) 5/8 cup in 16 oz water

How do I know what sugar I have? The package I have is like white sugar find powdered almost like cocaine lol. I am not sure what sugar I have as they call for either 2/3 cup or 5/8 cup and I know you do not want to put too much sugar in the bottling bucket.

Also the CD I cannot get it to work. Not sure if I am doing this right so hoping I can find a vid on this site but I don’t think there is a video on this site showing how to use the siphoning.

I have had my Red Ale kit in the fermenter for a few days more than 4 weeks and need to get this done today.

Thanks for your help!

Sounds like it’s corn sugar.

If it came with the kit,it’s corn sugar. The 5oz will be 2/3 cup. Have fun bottling!

Alright. I will consider this the 2/3 cup and mix with water and boil. I plan to pour this priming solution in the bucket first and then siphon in or maybe siphon in the beer for a few minutes and add the priming solution.

Here is another question: instruction calls for sanitize siphoning equipment and I take this to mean sanitize and bottling bucket and the siphoning equipment. Do I take apart the Auto-Siphon? If not how to I santize the inside of the auto-siphon tube? Maybe just put this in the sanitize solution and pump it a few times?

Sorry for so many questions but it is easier to see someone do it for the first time. hehe

Yes, to sanitize the siphon, just put it in the sanitizing solution and pump it a couple of times. Don’t worry about asking too many questions, I’ve got more than a dozen brewing sessions finished, and it seems like everyday almost I think of something else to ask.

Brewers Friend web site has good calculators for measuring priming sugar. It’s great I use it all the time. I use Star San for all my equipment. When I finish, before I put things away, I take apart the syphon and dip it and the tubing and other things in the sanitation solution, then air dry. Always remember to put the syphon back together or the rubber will go bad and you will suck air bubbles when you bottle next, that might oxidize the batch. I had this happen to me and needed to buy a new syphon. All this may be a waste of time, but I’m really anal about sanitation, probably to a fault, but all my years brewing, I have but one infection. Cheers, the movie gets better.