Priming sugar or DME?

My next batch is going to be a wildflower wheat. The recipe calls for 5 ounces of priming sugar.My local brewing supply store did’nt have any and gave me DME and said it will work the same. I have read that you need more DME than sugar and am not sure how this will work.I have also read that regular cane sugar will work too. Any suggestions or input would be helpful. Thank you

These should help.

Priming sugar at you local is probably dextrose (corn sugar) as it is 100% fermable, it shouldn’t throw any off flavors in your beer. Though you could use DME, it is not as fermable as the corn sugar. Table sugar will work as well. Honey, Beet sugar, unfermented wort…the list goes on.


Ordinary table sugar is my priming sugar of choice. Cheap, readily available, and no discernible flavor difference from pretty much anything else (in the relatively small quantities used for priming). You bought the DME though, so unless you want to hold onto it for something else you may as well use it. It will be fine.

Keep the DME for a starter and use table sugar.

Here’s another priming calc:

Don’t use DME. It is too unpredictable.

I’ve used regular table sugar (beet or cane sugar) for many years. Try a scant 2/3 cup for 5 gallons and you’re good to go.