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Priming Question

So beer temperature affects residual co2 in beer for priming, the lower the temp the more residual.
I’ve got a Ryepa that I plan on carbing to 2.4 vols of CO2. Its been in a 55 degree closet for 4-5 days, should I use temperature compensation
for that current temp of 55 or the 63 degrees it was at before crashing?

For a 5 gallon batch the higher temp actually only adds around .3 ounces of cane sugar…guessing that won’t make much of a difference.

You will want to use the highest temperature the beer reached post fermentation.

If the beer never went above 63F at any point use that number.
Or if you raised the temp to 68F at the end of primary to ensure attenuation then you would use that number.

Thanks Greg! That’s where I think my priming has been off, I’ve not used the highest post ferm temp yet…just the final secondary temp.

Edit: Greg, I hope you don’t mind, but i’ve copied your response on Homebrew Stack. I did mention your handle for credit.

I wouldn’t call it post-ferm, you want the highest temp when the beer was still making CO2. Thats when it is still producing CO2 that can dissolve to the saturation point which depends on the temp.

Actually, if you warmed the beer up after fermentation was over and kept it there for a period of days, you’d probably get to a new lower CO2 level.

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