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Priming kegs

I have used prime tabs in bottles before and many of use use Domino dots. Both simply adding sugar to each bottle. So why do I still mix priming sugar with water and heat until dissolved before pouring into the keg rather than just fill the keg and dump in the measure amount of sugar? I get dissolving it in a bottling bucket to make sure it is mixed in well for priming bottles instead of trying to measure out tiny amounts for each bottle.

I use table sugar and weigh out the amount using NBs handy priming sugar calculator.

I don’t know why. I’ve just dumped it in

OR, why not rack before you’ve got your FG, say about 4 points higher… A Cask conditioned brew? Sneezles61


I don’t pay enough attention to it once it is in the fermenter and going so I would probably miss when it was 4 points off completion. Do like cask conditioned brews though. Middle Ages brewing by me has great cask beers. Sadly I haven’t been down to see them in a while.

Maybe then when it slows to a burp every 20-30 seconds… I lay my kegs on their side and roll them when passing by… A disclaimer… Since these soda kegs don’t seal so well, I do seat the top with a blast of CO2… Sneezles61

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Because by dissolving the sugar in boiling water you get some sense of sanitary conditions.

I take it you don’t use the domino dots in your bottles then.

Me? I don’t bottle. And if on the rare chance that do I bottle it off the keg with my Blichmann.

I mostly bottle from the keg myself but occasionally I’ll make a 1 or 2 gallon batch and I’ll bottle with domino dots that I just plucked out of the box and drop in the bottles. Never gave a thought about sanitation. Figured their food grade. By the way learned that technique from Flars.


Oh I totally agree about the sanitation. But I do believe that is why most bottlers boil that sugar water.

When adding a primer solution to the bottling bucket you need to be aware of a few things… The extra O2 being introduced, and the sugar will raise the pH… From the keg with CO2 already dissolved, the pH has been lowered a bit… The Yeast also did a big job as it finished up… Sneezles61

I figure that with finished beer between the hops and alcohol content you would have to add some pretty nasty sugar to have a problem. Maybe next time I am priming multiple kegs I will dissolve sugar in water for a couple and just dump sugar in the others to compare. About ready to head south where I only brew 5 gallon batches so that won’t be till spring.

If you just dump remember to roll/swirl the keg a little more

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