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Priming for bottling

Just getting started in the craft and have a priming question. I’m extract brewing a NB dead ringer kit. I’m about 1.5 weeks away from bottling and the kit calls for either a corn sugar or table sugar prime. Is one better than the other? OR are there other priming options available that I don’t know about that would do a better job?

Table sugar or corn sugar are fine. They have different moisture content, so you’ll want to use a calculator to determine how much to use. I like the one at Tastybrew, but there are others

You can prime with malt extract and some people swear by. Table sugar is cheap and easy, so that’s what I use.

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Either 3/4 cup corn sugar or about 5/8 cup table sugar for 5 gallons is just fine and produces identical results. I have used table sugar for many years because it’s cheaper and I always have it around in the kitchen anyway.

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