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Prime Dose capsules - quick question

When do those damn capsules finally dissolve? Do they ever? They have been in my bottles for two weeks now.

I decided I would try carbonating my beer with those capsules just to try it out. The only time I would consider it again is if I had trouble with a beer carbonating. Also, I would pull the capsules apart and dump the sugar and yeast directing into the bottle. Imagine how tedious that would be, but, of course, it’s better than dumping a non-carbonated batch.

As the primary method for carbonating my beer, I’m not using Prime Dose again.

I had the same issue too. The funny thing for me is the first time I used them on a basic IPA every capsule dissolved and the beer was carbonated pretty well I thought. The next 2 batches I ran into the same issue with the caps not dissolving. I finally did some asking around and I understand the PD is really used for beer that did not ferment as well as the caps have yeast and surgar in them. So, I will not be using them again either. I will stick with the old fashion method.

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