primary vs secondary

Started making beer in march. Made a fair amount. Started Kegging in july. Well when I bottled the beer it was clear and did not taste like yeast. Since I have been kegging. I end up with cloudy beer and very yeasty.

What do people suggest? I have seen both 3 weeks primary then keg or 2 weeks primary and 2 weeks secondary. I have also heard suggestions on finings. I have recently purchased Irish moss, clarity fern, gelatin finings,biofine clear and super kleer fining. My speckled hiefer looks like a cloudy dull orange juice.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I make 10 gallon batches and ferment in 2 five gallon carboys. I use a wort cooler, 15 gallon boil kettle, all grain, i use some washed yeast and some dry yeast packages and (since I have had 4 five gallon batches get sour on me, with washed yeast, I am planning on going to most all dry yeast) So I have room for experimenting.

I have room for and have 4 five gallon ball lock kegs in my fridge, with 3 taps. I recently placed my carboys on a shelf so I dont have to move them before putting in a keg. (it made no noticable dif)

I have used clarity fern on just about all of my beers, (son has celiac)

The gelatin finings, did not have much for directions on them, and I have not gotten to research yet as its harvest time in ND and 13 hour days, 7 days a week, leaves my free time restricted.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Remember I make 10 gallon batches and I can do one one way and another a different way. If anyone wants to experiment, let me know.