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Primary lager in keg?

How much krausen does a lager produce?..I am interested in fermenting a lager in a corny keg for both primary and lagering…all my other fermenters are occupied and i have an itch to brew…some advice on the topic will be cool…peace

“Usually” they don’t produce as much krausen. But you never know.

I wouldn’t want to have more than 4.5g in the keg. Just to be safe, closer to 4 would be better.

Make a blow off tube with the gas disconnect.

I ferment all my beers in kegs now, just use a gas disconnect with a piece of tubing clamped to it going into a jar with sanitizer. Works well. I do use Fermcap-s to keep the krausen down. With lagers, you probably wouldn’t even need to use that if you did 4.5 gal in there or something.

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