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Primary fermentation?

Been five days since brewing first batch of Car. Slobber. It has calmed down very much. Question I have: calls for one to two weeks primary ferm. can it sit for a full two weeks to no harm, or do i need to auto siphon when it stops producing bubbles in the airlock.

It can sit for a couple months without harm. There’s no hurry.

Yeah, in fact IMHO it’s a good idea to leave beer in primary a little longer to give the yeast a little extra time to clean things up. Lately my procedure has been to keep batches in primary for two to three weeks, and then bottle. The results have been good.

right on ! thanks guys. Just getting into to this and Im already hooked !

I regularly forget about the batch for three weeks. two weeks is probably ok, but again, I just leave it be for three.

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