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Price of paradise CO2

Got my 5lb tank filled last week by AirGas in Key West. $32 with tax and all. Much higher than I am used to. What can you do? Needed the CO2, didn’t complain. Next closest place is Miami. Try to avoid that. Beer comes out of the tap and that’s what it’s about. :grinning:

I was in Lake County FL (west of Orlando) all of 2013 and had a problem finding CO2 at a reasonable price or even a trustworthy company for a fill. One place tried to charge me $30 and didn’t even fill the cylinder… That almost ended in a fight until i trheatened to call the police. 90F and the tank wasn’t even sweating after he claimed to fill it…

There was an AirGas and a Roberts’ Oxygen in Orlando but that was kind of far and expensive.

Anyway, I found a dive shop that would fill it for $15. Must be tons of dive shops in Key West. Did you check them?

Dive shops. Dont fill. Co2. They do compressed air. Nitrox. Or trimix. Would be cool. If it would. Me work at a diveshop. Where i am gas blender. Here on island. They charch. For a 63cft. Tank of co2. 73 dollar. Plus 60 dollar deposit. Me just did order. A new tank.

I was surprised too but yes some dive shops do fill CO2. Couldn’t for the life of me figure out why but they did.

Only thing i could think of. If they do offer paint ball gun. Sport

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That’s probably it.

Hopefully there’s no mix-up

It does make me very careful with it. I usually bring down a little 2.5lb tank for emergency back upsince it is small but forgot it. Priming the kegs saves some but I am really careful about leaks.

I should ask the local gun shop about paintball.

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