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Price of co2

Wondering how much ya all pay for a refill of co2 in the usa. Me had to exchange my co2 tank yesterday. He said the price went up. By 5 dollar. For a 20 lbs co2 tank. I did pay. 30 dollar

$15 or so exchange for a 20 here in W. Michigan USA.

around $20 for a 5 lb cylinder, $30ish for the 20 lb. at Fireline. A little cheaper at Robert’s Oxygen but it’s further away.

$2.50 per pound so it usually runs me around 12 bucks for a 5lb fill

So price not bad here on island for co2

$18-$20 here in CT as well

I would say not too bad considering you live on an island. Gotta remember that everything is usually shipped in, which increases the price.

Yes. That what amazed me. The price. Did not say anything. Normally the shipping and handeling kills you

Funny that they have to ship CO2 anywhere since it’s already there, all around you, everywhere.

Haha yes. We need more big trucks. More co2. For free

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