Pretty sure I got a deal:)

Im relatively new to homebrewing and like most of my hobbies, I jump in with both feet. I had decided after my first batch that I would get the stuff to build a keezer and start kegging my beer. As I was watching Craigslist for sellers and pricing out the potential of buying new, my wife approached me with some news. A friend of hers from her horse barn had mentioned that her husband had gotten out of brewing and was selling off his equipment. Long story short I purchased a 2-tap kegerator(he built it from a kit 2 years ago) with a 20lb co2 tank and upgraded faucets, and 3 corny kegs for $200.
apart from wanting to replace the o-rings on the kegs everything just needs a good cleaning. I cant wait for my next batch to be ready to rack!:slight_smile:


Ah yea, you got one heck of a good deal. I like to see fellow home brewers helping each other out. Nice score! You could always repay the favor sometime by bringing him a couple full growlers when you get going.

You CAN be sure you have gotten a fantastic deal.

you guys are making me feel better about my 2 1/2 drive… craigslist also

5 ball lock kegs all clean and holding pressure
1 hanna instrument stirplate and 2l flaskw/stirbar
1 sanyo fridge (holds 2 kegs and tank)(its a hotel fridge basically) w/temp controller (digital Johnson)
1 20# tank(full)w/ regulator & hoses
1 mini CO2 contraption for dispensing? 300.00 was it worth the drive? regardless I get to move straight to kegging!! #pumped

Considering everyone around here wants at least fifty dollars for used kegs and the cheapest five cubic foot chest freezer I can find is still over a hundred, you lot are making me jealous.

I can’t be certain if you all got good deals until I come over to sample the beer in those kegs you purchased :slight_smile: