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Pressure testing kegs

Is there an easy way to used compressed air to pressure test a keg instead of CO2? Really don’t want to waste CO2 to check kegs. I have one I started with that seems ok pressurized with CO2 and sprayed with Star San for leaks.

Bought two more that came pressurized but had old nasty p rings. Disassembled to replace o rings and soak parts. Pressure tested them and one of the PRV leaking. The plastic on the valve had been smashed. Thought I pressured them up the other day I pulled the PRV’s and both were empty. Not sure if I vented them or not though. Think I set them to 20 psi.

Anyways don’t want to waste any more CO2. Seems like so sort of fitting to connector to air male air line fitting with ball valve would work to pressurize them. Maybe an inline pressure guage.

I think someone on here uses a bicycle pump for this purpose.

No reason why you couldn’t use an air compressor. You’ll need to find a fitting that will connect to a 1/4” mfl on your ball lock disconnect.

Lots of air compressors emit a haze of oil into the compressed air. Much opportunity for contamination that may prove difficult to remove. Check your type of air compressor first, and if it requires compressor oil, proceed with caution.


Best thing get a scuba dive tank. The air. In the tank pure. The conection. Get a simpel dive regulator. Conect hose on the low pressure port. And atach to to co2 port of the keg. Only down fall its. 140 psi.

Found it: Kegs... leaky without CO2 pressure

It takes very little CO2 to pressurize a keg for testing…then it’s purged of air. I would NOT use an air compressor for the reason porkchop states above. the air will most likely be contaminated with oil or who knows what else. You wouldn’t use a compressor for oxygenationg wort right? I hope…

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There is a gizmo that they use in automotive paints booths… It dries/cleans out the air… You’d need to look it up… I haven’t a clue as to how much they go for… Sneezles61

Here is something similar to what I have on my compressor.

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There it is… for the price of a 5# refill, and then some… ^^^^ Sneezles61

I have a piece of tubing; bike tire valve on on one end gas QD on the other. I use a bike pump when I’m pushing BLC or Star San. I did try to to use it for pressure testing, but the pump itself leaks so you have to pump it, disconnect the QD, then come back and check it later.

If you get a scuba dive tank. Its clean air. All the oils and polutants. Removed.

Like @dannyboy58 said you have to purge it anyway.

I was thinking this would be done after o ring replacement and before a good through cleaning. However it would be possible to create a leak even after checking it then tearing it down again. Looks like it’s just easier to use the CO2.

Just pressure test it with water

If I disassembled it for cleaning and o ring replacement then I’d leak test it afterwards.

My MO when I do that is soak everything in pbw, rinse well with hot water, lube o-rings, reassemble, put a quart or so of star san in the keg, close and pressurize, burp a few times to purge air, swish to sanitize interior surfaces, push a little star san out to sanitize the diptube, turn keg upside down and look for leaks,then store pressurized until ready to use.

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