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Pressure loss

How much pressure loss can I expect when I put my 5 lb CO2 tank in my fridge? Moving from 70 degrees to 35 degrees.

Hello, anyone out there? Is this thing working? :shock:

I can’t answer exactly, but I can say that I will often carb my kegs at room temp (70F) for about a week. Then when a spot opens in my kegerator I pop it in and chill overnight. The next day I set the pressure to about 10psi and adjust from there. Sometimes I have to leave the pressure at 10psi for a day or two to get it carbed where I want it. Sometimes I have to release pressure a few times to level it off.

So maybe this means somewhere around 20psi is lost, but that is by no means an exact number.

Are you asking if your tank will lose pressure? The high pressure gauge will likely drop, but the volume will remain the same.

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