Pressure Loss Problem

Needing some help. I have a two keg regulator; I keep a commercial keg on one side and a homebrew soda keg on the other. I changed out my homebrew last week and lost all my CO2 overnight. I have identified the leak at the pressure release valve on the soda keg cap. As soon as I put pressure to the keg I can hear and feel CO2 hissing out.

I changed out the release valves on three different caps I have, and also tried it with Teflon tape, and tried all three caps, still leaks.

Then I bought a new cap, still leaks.

Then I checked the outgoing tube and tap for obstruction and also replaced the ball lock valve. Still leaks.

I am at a loss. Does anyone have any insight on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like its not the cap. Are you sure its not at the other keg. You said you identified the leak ., there may be more than one. Spray everything from the tank out with stsrsan and look for bubbles, that would be a leak.

Brew Cat,

I already did that. No other gas escaping. The only place it’s coming from is the soda keg’s pressure release valve. And it only happens when I send CO2 to that keg. The keg on the other side keeps pressure fine.

It’s odd. Maybe the relief valve on the new cap is bad also. How much pressure are you pushing? Maybe it’s the regulator and your over pressurizing the keg.

I tried it ranging from 2 -20psi. The more pressure, the louder and faster it rushes out. I doubt it’s the relief valve at this point. That would be 3 old ones and 4 new ones all at once going bad.

I keep thinking it’s something in the beer out line. I will try a whole different keg tonight. Maybe pulling everything apart and putting it back together will uncover an oversight.

How long do you think the beer will keep without CO2 on it?

Wait, you said you were sure it was the pressure relief valve. If it’s the beer out valve you would know it. If you rack or push to another keg you’ll be alright just get it back under co2 right away.

Just thought of something. If you have your dip tube switched you could leak co2 out of the beer side but you wouldn’t be pouring beer either. Silly thought I guess but throwing it out there.

I wasn’t clear. I think there is some obstruction in the beer out line not allowing it to flow, thus the pressure is taking the next path of least resistance.

Dip tube is on the correct side.

I don’t understand, there is no path of least resistance in a sealed keg. If your PRV is leaking, that would be the problem area.

The liquid out line is always obstructed unless the faucet is open.

Have you checked the other valves for obstructions?

I’ve had one get stuck open when I purged a keg and my hop bag was sucked into it.