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Pressure in new (used) kegs

i recieved my kegs yesterday - two conrey kegs - and they both had pressure in them. Is that just left in their from the last user? Is it okay to release that pressure and get them cleaned? Also, long that note, are they already going to be cleaned or do they (Beverage Factory) send out dirty used kegs?

Pressure is in there so you know they are good and can hold the pressure. When buying new (used) kegs you should always make sure they can hold pressure before accepting one. Release the pressure, clean them out and sanitize. They most likely aren’t clean. Also, you should always replace the o-rings. Especially if they smell like soda, but it’s good practice just to replace them anyway. They’re cheap.

And don’t forget to clean the dip tubes. Our host sells a dip tube brush made to do so.

just a way of showing it holds pressure.

I always completely tear down my kegs when I get them. Then I scrub the crap out of them with scotch-brite pads and oxyclean until shiny and new looking. I replace ALL o-rings (less than $5). Then I sanitize with starsan leaving about 1 quart in the keg. I pressurize and store until ready for use. Just shake, dump and rack when ready.

If you’re storing the kegs under pressure with a quart of starsan in them, you might as well dispense out the starsan instead of dumping it. It’s a great way to sanitize the inside of your diptube and also your serving or picnic lines.

Thanks for the responses everyone. Another question I’m wondering about is whether or not I need a faucet wrench to tighten the shank and faucet. Can they just be hand tightened? Is there another way or doing it besides buying the wrench, or do i just need to stop being so cheap?

buy the wrench, it’s cheap.

to save some money, don’t waste it on a deep socket for the keg posts. Check your tool box for 22mm wrench or O2 sensor socket ($5) at harbor freight. both work well.

I use a 7/8 straight wrench for mine, star shaped on one side, and normal hex on the other.

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