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Pressure gauge discrepancy

Has anyone had this problem before?

I just built my keezer, first time ever putting the keg into a cold environment while force carbing. Storing it at 40 degrees F, it’s a stout so I put the pressure around 10 psi. However, I go to check on it once per day, just to make sure no gas leaks, etc. Every time I go down and open the keezer, I check the pressure gauge on the regulator and the psi has increased above 15 psi. Normally, I would expect the pressure to go down in the colder environment, or stay relatively the same. I just don’t want to over carb…

Any thoughts? Is this normal? Should I be concerned, or at least curious?

I have one regulator that will do this exact thing for 2 or 3 days and then it will finally stay where I have it set. I just keep setting it down to 10 psi once per day and by day 3 it’s good to go.

Yea I’ve been basically bleeding the keg/regulator of CO2 once a day, resetting the regulator back to ~10 psi, and then leaving it alone.

I was just worried that I might be messing things up by “resetting”

I don usually bleed the entire keg. My regulator has a ring pressure relief under the gauge that can be pulled to dump the gas in the line.

Mine does as well, but if I don’t bleed the keg at least a little, the gauge reading starts to creep up back over 15 even after bleeding the line. I doubt there’s any harm, worst case scenario is that it might take longer to achieve carbonation, right?

Yeh. As long as the seal on the keg doesnt unseal and allow co2 to slowly leak out. That was always my concern. I drained a tank over night on accident once because I had a loose fitting when rushing to set it up. I spray starsan on all my connections after hooking them up now. Try setting it at 5 or 8 psi and see if it creeps to around 10 or 12

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