Present for my boyfriend

Just being honest, I know NOTHING about brewing but I know you guys do :smile: My boyfriend has always talked about wanting to brew his own beer. With Christmas coming up, I am thinking about getting him a the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit for Christmas. Since it says it is 6 weeks before bottling, I thought about getting the bottles for Valentines day. He is very research orientated so I know he will have that part covered. I just want to provide him with the needed tools.

My questions are:

Other than the Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit, do I need anything else prior to bottling, Like do I need accessories along the lines of the Mad Brewer™ Beer Testing Kit?

When it is time to bottle, what all do I need? Anything extra? I saw the Raise Your Game Fresh Start Upgrade Kit. I imagine he will need the brew kettle during brewing so I don’t mind getting that early and hiding the bottles until later.

Ie. I am trying to figure out what I can wrap for Christmas gifts and what I can wrap for later.

Thanks for helping me make this holiday special :blush:

Here is a link about the same question. Just a starter spot for some ideas. Most likely will generate more questions. Any questions are welcomed here.
Need help with equipment for newbie

Perfect! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

After the first couple brews your boyfriend will have decided if brewing is truly something he wants to go long term with. More and better equipment can follow then.

I brew five gallon extract and partial mash. I didn’t skimp to much on the kettle. I bought a 5.5 gallon kettle at Walmart for $62. The kettle has a one-half inch clad bottom. This will help prevent scorching. The kettle does double duty. It is also used in the kitchen for the larger recipes.