Prepping my pre-order

I’m taking the dive into homegrown hops this year and will be pre-ordering my hop rhizomes in the next day or so. Need some advice on what I should get. I make some pale ales, stouts, brown ales, and have dabbled with IPA’s. So I need something that can be a bit of an all-purpose hop.

What species do you guys recommend for a first year hop grower?

Can’t go wrong with Cascade… It grows like a beast. I got a couple of ounces off of my first year plant. I also planted Centennial, Chinook, and Wilammette. Cascade is probably the hardiest, most versatile if you can only pick one.

What hops do you like to brew with?
If you’re getting your rhizomes from your LHBS they should be able to tell you which variety grows best in your neck of the woods.