Preferred yeast type for caribou slobber

Hey all, quickish question - anyone ever brew the caribou slobber with the safale 04? I was ordering bunch of kits at once, had some issues with the website doubling my order, and somehow in the editing process i kept a safale 04 from a kit i decided against getting, and deleted the wyeast 1332 that they recommend for the slobber.
So - i turn to the experts. In your opinion, am i better off going down to my local brew store and getting the wyeast option, keeping the safale 04 for a future beer? or should i just go for it and see what happens?
I’m still pretty new to the brewing thing, and so far have been pretty much keeping to the recipe’s and recommendations that come with the kits - i’m willing to play around, but i don’t want to ruin a batch either.

thanks for the help!!

primary: honey kolsh
secondary: bourbon barrel porter
bottled: cream ale and st. paul porter
drinking: nut brown
on deck: caribou slobber and scottish 80 shilling
(i’m new, but obsessed - and having an awesome time)

I got a free Slobber kit and am probably going to brew her up next weekend- with S-04.
I believe that the English character of the 04 yeast will be good in a slobber.
I’m also adding some Fuggles as 1st-wort-hop to go along with the liberty, golding and williamettes that came with the kit.
Two years ago, the last time I did the slobber, I believe I used US-05.

04 IS a recommended yeast for brown’s, I say go for it. I’ve made CS 3 times and will continue to make it. I want to experiment with different yeasts and adjuncts. I’ve used danstar windsor and denny’s fav so far. I prefer the windsor. I didn’t even realize 1332 was their recommended, I may try that next.

buuuut…if my lhbs was only a few miles away, I may just go get what they recommended (mine’s a thirty minute haul so i’d use the 04.) It is a fantastic brew.

SA-04 will work. Fermentation temp range is 59° to 68°. I would not let it get near 68°. More distinct flavors will come in the lower ferment temps to compliment the hops.

thanks for the advice all - i went ahead with the 04, brewed this yesterday, and it’s already burbling along happily in the bucket - i’ll let you all know how it turns out in a month or so :slight_smile:

Hey, we’ll be Slobber-buddies! I brewed it yesterday as well. Pitched 1 pkt. 04.

No expert here but CS was my first batch and I used 04. Since I was just learning my fermentation temps were all over the place from to high to to low. The 04 slowed down then started up no problem. It’s a workhorse. The beer came out well, got a lot of compliments with the results.Im sure you’ll be fine. By the way I dry hopped mine with a little cascade leaf hops because I had some.