Pre-Prohibition Lager All-Grain Kit

Hello I have a ? I am wounding if any of you guy’s in here have Brew the Pre-prohibition lager all-grain. An if so did you guy’s brew it with a step-infusion mash or just single-infusion I am just asking because I going to brew it I know the spec sheet say to do a step infusion mash but I am really laze an I just want to know if anying of you guy’s brew it with a single-infusion an had good out come with it

I did stepped and it was an amazing beer.

I did single infusion too, just mashed thick and then added water to bring it up to Sacch’ rest. Not sure what the difference would be but I really enjoyed the beer. If you can make 10 gallons, I only did 5 gallons and barely 1/2 of mine has made it to 2 months of lagering. :cheers: