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Potential bottle bombs?

So I got bored the other day and went ahead and bottled a big beer straight out of the fermenter. It was a small one gallon test batch that hit OG 1.1 and fermented warm and quick (or so I thought). I know this is a hugely against the right way to do things but I judged it by the airlock and nothing had happened for a while after rousing the yeast by swirling a few times.

When I get done bottling my nine bottles I run the last little bit into the test tube and drop in the hydrometer which reads 1.03! I looked at my notes and it had only been just over two weeks which was not the three that I had thought in my mind. I used American Ale II yeast and primed with what Beersmith told me to which I think was something like .6 of an ounce but don’t quote me on that.

Should I be worried here??? Because I am. I was lazy and bored so I just did it without thinking because I wanted to clear out my 3 gallon BB for another smaller batch. I know; this should be a rookie mistake but it’s just me being lazy.

You’ll probably be fine. Once theres no activity for awhile even with rousing the yeast, its most likely done. Sometimes that last bit of sugar can take a long time though. You got 70% attenuation on a big beer, thats not unusual unless you take measures with the recipe like using a portion of sugar in the fermentables.

My guess is, its going to take some time to carbonate with that much alcohol. You can check a bottle every now and then, and if it starts acting really fizzy I’d drink them or put them in the fridge.

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