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Post your pictures of your DIY fermentation chambers

Looking for ideas on fermentation chambers. Let’s see what you all are using. Show your stuff off and give us your feedback and ideas about this DIY project.


Fridge with temp controller (that’s the diy part as I had to plug it in :wink:


I’ve used a 56qt cooler tipped on the end with frozen juice bottles (square stacks better).

Also a pink foam board. Light bulb on a temp controller to heat the chamber in the garage during the winter.

Now I have a 1/2bbl keg fridge that I can put a controller on to maintain temps.

Dead chest freezer with dual temp controller (thank you China); lightbulb for heat, small fan for cooling. Can hold 3. I’ve found while fermenting at 66F the lid holds at 61F so any primaries placed on top ferment at 63F. Currently doing a Hefe inside with LB IBA dry hop’n and Dry Dock Vanilla Porter dry bean’n. On top is Dry Dock Pale Ale, an IPA and a Cream Ale.

Anyone build their own chamber by ripping about a defunct refridge/freezer and using the compressor and chilling element? Success/failure?

Maybe I’m missing something. Would a defunct unit be nonoperational?

I have seen a door removed from a dorm fridge. Then a larger box area fitted to the door area. thus increasing the chamber size. ... build.html

That’s amazing. I could totally build that. I suppose I could use the same unit as a warming chamber in the winter…
OK, I’d probably have trouble with the temp control install :wink: .

Made this in 20 min with an old 7 day igloo cooler with a lid that fell off. Have not used officially yet.

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