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Post Carb Dry Hop

Ok, so I totally forgot to put my dry hops in my keg and started carbing up my beer. It has been a week now. The beer is fully carbed up. I assume that if I just released the pressure and droppped the hops in now that the beer would fiz uncontrolably all over my basement. Is that about right?

I guess I could let the carbonation out slowly over a few days and then dry hop.


Can be done, although it’s not ideal. You do risk a fizz-over if the keg is warm and the beer is highly carbonated. But most likely, if the beer is warm, the beer isn’t highly carbonated, unless you’ve kept it with a high amount of head pressure.

Much easier cold but it can be done warm as I’ve had to do the same. Just don’t waste much time, throw the hops (in the bag in my case) and get the lid back on quickly. Was able to make it happen without any mess but that was after trying it once where I didn’t hurry and made a total mess. :cheers:

The kegs are cold. 38 degrees. They’ve been carbing about a week at 12 psi. Probaly have about 2.5 volumes now, I guess.

You think I can just dump and re-seal?

I do it all the time. Depressurize, add the hop bag(s), seal the lid and flush, then repressurize - no foam overs, although the bags will float at first and you need to have room for them. Once pressurized, they’ll sink since the CO2 stops coming out of solution and there’s nothing to hold them up.

Thanks, ST, everyone. I’ll just bombs away this evening…

i’ve done it once with pellet hops in a bag. you get a lot better efficiency, so be careful. 1-2oz goes a long way and i usually dry hop 4-6oz in the secondary.

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