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Porter - pumpkin rum spice & bourbon barrel split

i have brewed an all grain batch of robust porter.
my plan is to split into two secondaries. one would be pumpkin spiced rum porter (have spiced rum and pumpkin spice). the other would be bourbon barrel porter(have oak chips and bourbon).
my question is how much of each ingredients to use for two 2.5 gal. batches. and how to use the chips. i heard of soaking them first, then maybe use a hopbag in secondary?
thanks in advance.


I’d go with about 1 oz of toasted oak chips or cubes, soak them in bourbon for a few days, then toss them in the secondary, along with the bourbon. No real need for a bag as they’ll be left in the bottom of the carboy anyway. As for the pumpkin spice, I’d also let it soak in the rum for a few days and then just add a couple drops by medicine dropper to each bottle at bottling. If you’re good at math, you could measure out a few samples at bottling time and play around with how much gives you what you’re looking for and then scale it up.


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