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Is there a way to mask or remove polyphenols in a beer? I brewed an all grain batch of the West Coast Radical Red and just left it in primary fermentation for 4 weeks and kegged it. I used whirlfloc during the last 15 min of boil and used biofine 3 days before kegging. Looked very clear when it went into the keg. Then 2 days later there is a slight chill haze and a presents of polyphenols, tannins (bitter after taste).

Gelatin, coffee beans, gummy bears…

You’ll have to give us more info. Polyphenols could come from tannins, hops, too high of a heat when sparging, improper pH, poor boil, etc.

Like loopie said, we need some more info. Some polyphenols, specifically tannins, will drop out over time from gravity. Others stay stuck in suspension pretty much forever. If you’re getting astringency from grain husks, hope, or oak, they will diminish over time. Not much help for a hoppy beer, but some styles benefit from aging and would show some tannin reduction over 6 months to a year. Not much you can do to mask these flavors, though.

Guys, I know how it happened, I just want to know if there is a way to hide or mask the problem.

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